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Automatic amplification adjustment ensures that the amplification is increased very gradually until an optimum result is achieved.

Adaptive wind noise reduction

Automatic detection and reduction of wind noise.

Anti-feedback system

Intelligent digital technology quickly and reliably pinpoints any tendency to feedback in the hearing systems and cancels it out with targeted precision.


The hearing systems automatically adjust to the current hearing situation, ensuring the best speech comprehension at all times.

Binaural synchronization

Right and left hearing systems are synchronized wirelessly.


The hearing system sound is automatically adjusted for the current hearing situation.

Data logging

Data from hearing situations is stored in an „electronic diary“ and can be used for customising the hearing system to individual requirements.

Dual energy technology

The hearing systems run on rechargeable or disposable batteries.

Audiomatic power-on delay

Prevents feedback when switching on and inserting the hearing systems.

Frequency and AGC channels

Multiple channels make the hearing system particularly easy to customize and fine-tune.

HiFi functionality

State-of-the-art HiFi technology ensures crystal-clear sound and optimum speech comprehension.

Hearing programs

These allow adjustment for different hearing situations e.g. music or speech.

Adaptronic multi-microphone system

Multiple microphones finely tuned to each other are used in hearing systems to ensure the best directional hearing. There is a choice of microphone settings:

  • Speech 360:
    The microphone focuses on the direction that the speech is coming from, in a 360° radius.
  • Panorama:
    Natural directional hearing.
  • Adaptive frequency-selective:
    Suppresses disruptive noise from moving objects in different frequency ranges.
  • Automatic:
    Automatically selects the „most important“ sound source.
  • Adaptive:
    Moving noise sources are suppressed depending on the direction.
  • Directional static:
    The microphone picks up sound from in front.
  • Omni-directional:
    The microphone picks up sound from all directions.

AudioTronic multi-microphone system

The AudioTronic multi-microphone system is available from G3 hearing systems onwards. Here the microphone data of the left and right hearing system is transferred and centrally processed. You can choose different microphone settings in the divers hearing programmes for miscellaneous hearing situations.

  • Panorama: Natural directional hearing.
  • Directional static: Picks up sound from in front
  • Automatic: Automatically selects the „most important“ sound source.
  • Adaptive: Moving noise sources are suppressed depending on the direction.
  • AudioFocus 360: Automatically focuses on the direction from whicht the speech comes in th 360° field.
  • AudioSpot: Concentrated frontal focusof the directional effect.

Level-dependent signals

Well informed in any environment: The system gives a clear response depending on the ambient noise level.

Sound Upgrade

The hearing system sound is artificially expanded and more full

Noise manager

Disruptive ambient noise such as traffic noise, clattering of crockery in restaurants etc. is automatically suppressed by the hearing systems.


The hearing systems for both ears communicate wirelessly with each other, allowing them to adapt perfectly to any hearing situation.