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Choice of the hearing system

The whole world of hearing systems

In these hectic, fast-living times with a wealth of acoustic and optical stimuli, it is more important than ever for us to be sensitive to our senses, particularly our sense of hearing. Audio Service therefore offers the perfect hearing system for the requirements of every individual.

Behind-the-ear hearing systems (BTEs)

In this system, the technology is located behind the concha. The sound is transmitted into the ear through a thin tube. At the end of the tube is an earpiece that ensures a secure hold and perfect sound transmission. With the alternative open-ear systems, the auditory canal is not closed which means the sound is perceived in a very natural way. Modern behind-the-ear hearing systems are suitable for almost any type of hearing loss and provide a discreet solution.

» Behind-the-ear systems

In-the-ear hearing systems (ITEs)

In-the-ear hearing systems, as the name suggests, are worn in the ear. State-of-the-art laser technology allows hearing systems to be produced with millimetre precision. This guarantees a perfect fit, maximum discretion and unimpeded hearing. All the complex internal technology of the hearing system is accommodated in a tiny space. Each hearing system is exactly fitted to the auditory canal and custom-made. This makes in-the-ear hearing systems almost invisible.

» In-the-ear hearing systems

RIC hearing systems

In these hearing systems, the receiver (speaker) sits directly next to the ear drum. While the receiver is built into the housing in standard behind-the-ear hearing systems, in RIC hearing systems the receiver is on the end of the thin tube. Fine cables running through the tube connect the housing to the receiver.

» RIC hearing systems