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Hearing deterioration

Factors that can rob you of your hearing

With most people, their hearing deteriorates over time. There are many possible causes of this. These are the two most common:

Age-related hearing loss

As we get older, from around 50 onwards, the sensory cells for hearing work less well. The higher tones are most seriously affected. This can make it hard to hear the phone ring, or the doorbell. It often requires a great deal of effort to follow conversations in larger groups of people. To further complicate matters, loud noises are experienced as very unpleasant.

Noise-induced hearing loss

You could call it the most modern form of hearing loss. It not only is one of the most frequent work-related illnesses, but also caused by widespread sources of noise in our modern society. This is probably also the reason for a slow, but steadily escalating development: hearing loss caused by growing noise exposure is an increasingly frequent phenomenon among younger people. A significant example of this is listening to (excessively) loud music. In the early stages of noise-induced hearing loss, the sufferer often starts to find it hard to hear high tones, then the hearing of mid-tones also gets weaker.

For both these types of hearing deterioration, cutting-edge hearing systems help to improve hearing again. Our diagram illustrates noise-induced hearing loss.

A non-binding hearing test with a hearing system specialist can provide you with free and fast information about your personal hearing.