Rixx G5

The small Rixx model benefits from the G5 technology. With the Smart Remote App or the remote control Smart Key, it's possible to control it remotely using a smartphone.

Icon G5 Precise

The smallest custom model from Audio Service – now smaller than ever thanks to the perfected microphone and even thinner shell.

Mood G5

The small, inconspicuously worn hearing system packs a host of technology. The connectivity offers simple and convenient operation.

Ida BT G5

The Ida BT G5 is the first Audio Service custom hearing system with Direct Audio Streaming technology via Bluetooth and standard wireless functionality.

P G4

The powerful P model combined with the G4 technology provides new solutions when fitting for advanced hearing loss.

IP 67 certified

The effectiveness of our ComforProtect system has now been confirmed. All certified hearing systems can be found here.


Hearing allows us to understand the world around us, and understanding makes us a part of this world. Good hearing enhances our quality of life.

Simply a must.

Additional accessories make life easier.